New Season, New Story

Susan’s Story

A child born to another woman calls me Mom.  The magnitude of the tragedy, nor the priviledge of the blessing is not lost on me.

 – Unknown

It is our pleasure and priviledge to share with you a story that has touched the hearts of everyone at MOM Center.

MOM Center client, Susan, has participated in our pregnancy and childbirth classes since early in her pregnancy.  She learned about adoption through our adoption class sessions.  We provided a neutral place for Susan and the father of her baby to meet with an adoption caseworker to begin discussing the reality of placing their child with an adoptive family.

Susan and her boyfriend made a brave and selfless decision that will change so many lives forever.  They chose adoption for their daughter, Meagan.  They also chose Meagan’s adoptive parents.  Megan was born Tuesday, August 23rd.  Her new parents, Tom and Annie were there to celebrate her birth.  After 15 years of infertility, they finally held the child they had longed for in their arms!

Susan said after watching how Tom and Annie interacted with Megan and how natural they were around her,  it was clear Meagan was intended to be their daughter.  Susan has a sense of peace and happiness knowing that Megan will have every opportunity to be loved and live the life she deserves.

Susan, Tom and Annie are beginning a lifetime of watching Megan grow as they experience God’s blessings in the most amazing sort of way.

We at MOM Center were humbled by Susan’s request that we actually be witnesses to the signing of the adoption papers.  As we mixed our tears of joy with her tears of sorrow, we bonded in a precious experience and celebration of life.  We will continue to be here to support Susan as she works through this time of adjustment.

Without the support of all of you, this beautiful day would have never happened.  May we continue our work together, locally supporting our own women in their needs and praising them for their courage as they willingly accept our guidance.

If any of you reading this story feel that you even have the slightest interest in adoption for your child, please call MOM Center at 830-456-8840..  Adoption is an option you can be proud of!